essential oil

Create Custom Blends

with Eleblend Base Gels

Blending Basics

Video Tutorial Below

lavender essential oil


Cannabis/Hemp oil:
Base Gel: Draw 1-3 dropperfuls of oil
PLUS Gel: Draw 3-5 dropperfuls of oil

Essential oil:
Additional oil should be measured in drops

Blending Tips:

If you are blending with additional essential oils, it is important to know the suggested dilution of each oil before applying it to the skin. Begin with adding a few drops of essential oil to the gel to test for sensitivity. 

NOTE: Remember oil and water don't mix! Eleblend gels should not be blended with water-based products.


Suggested Use:

Apply a generous amount of gel to the desired area as needed. Massage gel thoroughly into the skin. Please view product pages for warnings.

What's your Blendability?

What's your Blendability?