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Cannabis Ready Gels

Cannabis Leaf
cannabis oil

Ready to blend with your Hemp/Cannabis extracts

Eleblend gels are cannabis ready!

Yes, that means we do not add cannabis extracts to our gel formulation.


But you can!

Eleblend gels are a blending opportunity.

The gels act as a vehicle for additives like CBD.

What to Infuse?

Oil, Crude oil, Isolate or Distillate

Note: Remember oil and water don't mix!

Eleblend gels should not be blended with water-based products.

Why infuse?

1. Design your own product

Have the freedom to add the amount of

oil that you want to your therapeutic blend. Personalized

dosing delivers as little as necessary but as much as needed.

2. Make your green go further

Save hundreds of dollars annually by blending it yourself.

3. Unleash the benefits

Unleash the natural benefits of cannabis derived

extracts without the high.