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Hemp Testing

Lab Results

All hemp material used in our gel products has been sourced by a hemp producer

licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources,

USDA or licensed under a UDSA-approved plan.

Prior to manufacturing, the hemp material is tested for pesticides,

solvents and heavy metals.

Each lot of finished product is then tested by a third party laboratory for potency to determine the cannabinoid profile, as well as for microbiological analysis. Below is a list of links including lot-specific lab results for our finished hemp-infused gel products.

Eleblend's Hemp Program operates under Industrial Hemp License # 25210168P.

Reference the container label to find the product’s lot number.

4 OZ Flip Cap

ELE031224001-1 / Batch ID ELE002


3 OZ Jars

CH100621 / Batch ID 16840-10

PH111621 / Batch ID 16838-11


TH120821 / Batch ID 17003-9

2 OZ Tubes

PH111821 / Batch ID 16838-11

PR111821 / Batch ID 16839-9

2 OZ Pump


Lab Results

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