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Gel Facts

Topical Elegance - Non-Greasy, Fast-Absorbing, Silky-Feel

Essential Oil Topical

Eleblend gel…

· Is for topical application only.

· Was designed in a GMP facility over 15 years ago and has gone through extensive analytical testing.

· Was originally developed to help small molecule pharmaceutical drugs get through the skin.

· Was redesigned to accept cannabis extracts and essential oils.

· Is anhydrous. No water-based solutions should be added to the formulation.

· Has a foundation made up of cosmetic grade silicones.

· Is formulated with a limited number of ingredients that are safe and of high quality.

· Has 24 months of shelf life stability.

· Is protected by approved and pending patents.

Flexibility and Customization

· Eleblend gel accepts essential oils to vary the scent of the gel.

· The gel accepts cannabis/hemp extracts including oil, crude oil, distillate and isolate.

· The amount of cannabinoids/gram will depend on the strength (mg) of content added.

· Isolate/ thick crude/ distillate do not adversely change the viscosity or feel of the gel. Therefore, these extracts can be added in higher concentrations than oil.

· Adding oil at a higher concentration than the suggested amount will make the gel too thin.

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