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Base Gel Stability (No CBD)

The gel formulations were set up on two year stability to observe the products' behavior

in differing environmental conditions. Stability parameters include 25ºC/60%

relative humidity. The formations met all specifications over the course of the study.

For stability data please reference the attached report.

CBD Gel Stability

Gel formulations infused with hemp oil, along with a sport gel infused with synthetic

CBD were put on two year stability. the two year pull is approaching this spring, 2021.

The purpose of this study is to analyze the viscosity and cannabidiol (CBD) potency of anhydrous gels at 25ºC/60% relative humidity and 40ºC/75% relative humidity

conditions over time.


Please reference the attached report.

Heat Study

To test homogeneity, we subjected the gel to high temperatures to ensure that the

viscosity of the gel stayed consistent and that none of the components separated.

The results showed that the gel is stable at 55ºC or 131ºF.

At 55ºC, there was a slight increase in viscosity (gel thickened) after exposure

to heat, though potency had little to no change. Heat exposure

has shown no significant weight loss.




Base Gel Stability

CBD Gel Stability

Heat Study


Microbial Growth Testing

Bacterial and Fungal Counts


natural ingredients

What is in our

gel products?


natural ingredients

Light Sensitivity

Chemical Compatibility

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