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Our manufacturing team

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Cosmetic Base Gel

Eleblend gels are 90% formulated, all you have to do is infuse.

It's simple, and we are here to help!

Infused with Essential Oils

Looking for a scented base formulation?

From the base, we infuse essential oils to change the scent profile.

Elebelnd offers five main gel products that are infused with essential oils.

Cool Vapor, Relax, Sport, Balance and Thymeless


Explore the Options of Creating Unique Formulations

If you are looking to create a scent profile outside of our main gel products, our manufacturing team is happy to work with your product development team to

find a formulation that works for you.

Customize your Blend:

Change the scent profile

Tweak emollient ratios

Allow for greater addition of natural oils


Hemp/Cannabis Ready

Formulation can be infused with

cannabis oil, crude oil, isolate and distillate

What sets Eleblend gels apart from other Base Formulations?

Our gel formulation is extremely flexible, allowing you to add many

different forms of natural oils and extracts.

Our background in contract manufacturing provides us with the expertise to develop

tested, high-quality products that both impress and meet the expectations

of your end consumers. Our gel products have been dermatologist tested, clinically

tested and allergy tested.


Begin with the Base and Start Building

Eleblend's  base gel is formulated with a limited number of ingredients

that are safe and of high quality. If you are interested in building your own product,

we suggest beginning with our non-scented Base gel as a foundation.

Our Services

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Sizing Includes:

16 oz Container

1 Gallon

15 kg Pail

60 kg Batch

cbd wholesale massachusetts

Custom Blends

Change the scent profile

using essential oils

Tweak emollient ratios

PLUS Products allow for higher concentrations of added oils