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Bulk and Resale 


Looking to Add Topicals to your Product Line?

Let's blend our expertise! 


Resale Program

Eleblend offers a range of finished gel products through our resale  program, including our new Hemp-Infused Tee Up, Golf Edition.


Our customer support team will assist in providing talking points and training materials to support our resale partners.


Tabletop display kits and supporting marketing materials provided.


Bulk Wholesale and Custom Blends

Eleblend offers cosmetic base gel formulations and hemp infused formulations in bulk wholesale sizes. All products are manufactured in a cGMP compliant facility and follow strict written batch records and lab procedures.


Cosmetic Base Gel

Eleblend base gels are 90% formulated, all you have to do is infuse.

It's simple, and we are here to help!


Begin with the Base and Start Building

Eleblend's  base gel is formulated with a limited number of ingredients

that are safe and of high quality. If you are interested in building your own product,

we suggest beginning with our non-scented Base gel as a foundation.

Infused with Essential Oils

Looking for a scented base formulation?

From the base, we infuse essential oils to change the scent profile.


Explore the Options of Creating Unique Formulations

Customize your Blend:

Change the scent profile

Adjust potency of hemp-derived cannabinoids

Tweak emollient ratios

Allow for greater addition of natural oils


Hemp/Cannabis Ready

Formulation can be infused with

cannabis oil, crude oil, isolate and distillate

What sets Eleblend gels apart from other Base Formulations?

Eleblend gel products are unique to the market, with a base made up of a limited number  of high-quality cosmetic grade ingredients creating a non-greasy, silky feel.

Our base gel formulation is extremely flexible, allowing you to add many different forms of natural oils and extracts.

Our background in contract manufacturing provides us with the expertise to develop tested, high-quality products that both impress and meet the expectations of your end consumers. 

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