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microbial testing




Samples of gel products were sent to a third party testing lab to determine if

any microbial growth was present in the formulations. Test articles were plated with a

diluent and introduced to incubation ranging from 20ºC- 35ºC for a span of up to 7 days. Bacterial and fungal counts were not detected in any of the samples.

Eleblend gels are anhydrous, meaning they contain no water. Why you ask?

Since our products do not have a water base, we do not use preservatives,

like parabens, to prevent growth. 

No water , No microbials, No parabens


Base Gel Stability

CBD Gel Stability

Heat Study


Microbial Growth Testing

Bacterial and Fungal Counts


natural ingredients

What is in our

gel products?


natural ingredients

Light Sensitivity

Chemical Compatibility

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