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Cosmetic Grade Silicones

The base of our gel is made up of cosmetic grade silicones and emollient enhancers.

We utilize cosmetic grade silicones to establish the silky, non-greasy feel of our products

as well as to achieve spreadability. These ingredients have great organic compatibility.

The same ingredients are present in thousands of big brand cosmetics including

makeup, lip care,  skincare, hair care and sunscreen products.

Sunflower Seed Oil

Sunflower seed oil is often used in cosmetics as an emollient. When deciding what

natural carrier oil to use in our product, we were looking for an oil that absorbs well

into the skin, is not thick and oily, non-comedogenic, and is flexible under different

storage conditions. Sunflower oil checked off all of the boxes. With little to no scent,

sunflower oil was a great addition to the formulation as it does not interfere with the fragrances of the essential oils.

Oil and Water Don't Mix

Eleblend gels are anhydrous, meaning that they contain no water. 

We utilize a variety of natural oils and extracts in our products and our base gel

formulations are intended to be mixed further with natural oils. To ensure homogeneity

and solubility, we created a product that is harmonious with added oils. This ensures

a longer shelf life, as ingredients will be less likely to separate over time.


Emollient Enhancers


emollient enhancers in cosmetic products are used to help with skin absorption. they are intended to accompany the natural oils while penetrating through the skin’s layers.

Essential Oils


Essential oils are infused into many existing topical remedies and add fragrance to the blend. It is important to understand the suggested dilutions of essential oils before

applying them to the skin.  Although there seems to be no standards in safe dilution,

our research led us to determine what we feel is an appropriate ratio of essential oil

within a carrier product.

Methyl Salicylate

Birch sweet essential oil, present in some of our gel formulation, contains methyl

salicylate. This organic compound is found in over-the-counter medicines. Although common, the FDA suggests a proper dilution of methyl salicylate, which all of our

products containing this compound meet.




Essential oils of the mint variety, like those used in some of our gel formulation,

are known to contain menthol. Although widely used,  too much exposure of menthol

should be avoided. The addition of these essential oils in our gel products are

introduced at low  concentrations to ensure safe dilutions.


Base Gel Stability

CBD Gel Stability

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natural ingredients

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