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cannabis packaging




Sunlight can accelerate the expiration of natural oils including essential oils and  

hemp derived oils. Therefore, we package our products in non- translucent packaging

to defend the product from light exposure.


It is important to understand ingredient compatibility with the product’s packaging.

With a background in pharmaceutical cGMP testing, our team has a long history in

regulated extractables/leachables studies.


Weak plastics and other container closure systems don’t always hold up to prolonged exposure to certain chemicals. For example, volatile oils, like essential oils, can be harsh

on the container’s inner barriers. This can cause degradation of the inner barrier which

can lead to materials from the container to seep into the product itself.


Here at eleblend, we do chemical compatibility research before

choosing the appropriate packaging for our products.


Base Gel Stability

CBD Gel Stability

Heat Study


Microbial Growth Testing

Bacterial and Fungal Counts


natural ingredients

What is in our

gel products?


natural ingredients

Light Sensitivity

Chemical Compatibility

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