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Hemp Testing

Elegantly Blending Science and Nature

This Page is Dedicated to Science

As we continue to research and test the quality of our products,

we will continue to update this page.

With over 15 years of experience in gel formulation, 22 years in pharmaceutical cGMP testing, and extensive research in transdermal delivery, our manufacturing

team are experts in topical product development.

We pride ourselves in producing trusted, high-quality products. 

Hemp-Infused Gel Products

Eleblend’s line of hemp infused products are manufactured under an Industrial Hemp License issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Click the button “License”

below to view Eleblend’s Industrial Hemp License.

All hemp material used in our gel products has been sourced by a hemp producer

licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, USDA or

licensed under a USDA approved plan.

Prior to infusing our gel products, we require lab testing from the supplier

to prove that the THC limit falls below 0.3% total THC content. Additionally, all hemp

extracts have been tested for residual solvents and heavy metals.


Once the hemp has been infused into our gel products, a sample is sent out to

a third-party testing lab. The sample is then tested for  potency to determine the cannabinoid profile, as well as for bacteria, fungi and mycotoxin levels.


Lab Results

Click the button “Lab Results” below to view lot-specific lab results for our

hemp- infused gel products.

Dermatologist Tested

Samples of our hemp infused products are sent to a third-party testing lab to be

evaluated for allergy and skin-irritation testing. Gels are both clinically tested, and dermatologist tested. To-date, there has been no indication of any potential dermal

irritation or sensitization (contact allergy) noted after repeated application.

No adverse reactions of any kind have been reported.

A Standard for all Gel Products

Eleblend gel products are manufactured following written laboratory procedures.

This ensures regulation and consistency from batch to batch. Post manufacturing,

each batch is analyzed using QC release parameters.

Specifications include; Potency, Viscosity, Density and Appearance.

Statistical evaluation is done on all data to ensure accuracy and precision.

All results must match the defined criteria and the data is compared to previous batch results to track any variances.  A test report is generated following these results and is reviewed/ approved by the quality team before the batch is released.


Extensive analytical testing has been done on the gel, including stability, heat,

potency, microbial and viscosity studies.


Base Gel Stability

CBD Gel Stability

Heat Study


Microbial Growth Testing

Bacterial and Fungal Counts


natural ingredients

What is in our

gel products?


natural ingredients

Light Sensitivity

Chemical Compatibility

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